The Probiotic With a Difference

Every so often someone comes along with a new approach to an existing idea. And it looks like BioTrust have done just that with their new probiotic Pro-X10. We have already talked about Probiotics and Prebiotics in other posts on the site so what makes this one so different?

The Difference – The Delivery Method

While not talked about very often the place where your probiotic does most good is in your gastro-intestinal tract – not in your stomach. To be more precise your probiotic needs to get towards the end of the journey through your gut.

But your probiotic is normally taken orally so it has to face a rather rigorous journey through the stomach and intestine before it can do its good work. And this is the rub – your stomach has a very strong acid – so plain unprotected probiotic material can become largely ineffective because the good micro bodies are often decimated during the trip. Leaving little or nothing to carry out their good works. continue reading…

What Are Prebiotics

Artichokes A Top PrebioticTrying to understand probiotics is a bit challenging but then you almost casually stumble upon the term prebiotics. Is there such a thing as a prebiotic?

First you think that maybe it is just made a typing error. However a Google search soon shows that prebiotics are very much a fact of life. And it looks like in many cases they are more valuable than probiotics.

Prebiotic Definition

There are any number of sites that help with a definition. Here are just two of the definitions found

A non digestible food ingredient that promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the intestines. Wikipedia

A prebiotic is defined as a non digestible food ingredient that is used as an energy source by beneficial bacteria found naturally in the body’s intestines. – continue reading…

What Are Probiotics

Probiotic Label It may come as a surprise that a probiotic post is included in a site covering fiber supplements. As other posts on this site explain fiber is often used to assist with weight loss as well as bowel and digestive health. A reduction in appetite, improved regularity and avoidance of constipation are some of the benefits that a good fiber intake can assist with.

So why is it here?

Well there are number of fiber products such as Garden of Life Super Seed that contain probiotics. And conversely there are a number of probiotic products that contain fiber. And while this post does not list them all it will make you aware of the potential benefits of having a combination of the two – fiber and probiotic. continue reading…

Eating Healthy

Toxins – They Are Everywhere

Eating Healthy is not easyWhether we like it or not our day to day world is full of undesirable pollutants or toxins which make eating healthy a challenge. And the more ‘advanced’ our way of life the more likely we are to run into toxins on a daily basis and the greater the need for a detox diet.

So what are toxins? gives a good brief definition of a toxin as follows:
A poisonous substance, especially a protein, that is produced by living cells or organisms and is capable of causing disease when introduced into the body tissues but is often also capable of inducing neutralizing antibodies or antitoxins.

Where Do We Find Toxins

Eating Healthy for the FutureUnless you live in a hermetically sealed environment they are everywhere – be they chemicals, cleaning products, your clothes, manufacturing processes or vehicle exhaust They are in the air we breathe, in the foods we eat, and in the water we drink. So in practical terms they are impossible to avoid. continue reading…

How To Detox Your Body

Why Detox Your Body

Fast To Detox Your BodyThere are many options you can use to detox your body, but more importantly let’s first discuss how and why you might want to detoxify your body and why it may be important for your health.

On a daily basis your body is assailed by toxins. They are everywhere – in your food, your water and even in the air we breathe. Over time, one way or another, toxins get into our bodies and accumulate there. This puts a load on your body as it tries to flush them out. With age more toxins build up in your body to a point it simply just cannot cope any longer. The end result – you tend to lack energy and become more susceptible to disease and illness.

It is difficult to change your environment so escaping these toxins is not practically possible. So the obvious alternative is to do something to help your body cleanse itself and you can do this if you detox your body.

Your Major Organs Detox Your Body

There are four major functions or body organs that you want to include when considering how to detox your body. These are your liver, your skin, your kidneys and your colon. And it better to think or address them together rather than individually. Although there are plenty of specifically directed options for each of these organs.

How Best To Detox Your Body

Having identified the areas to address we now need to think how best to perform the detoxification task. continue reading…