Glucomannan – Is It A Miracle Fiber

There is a lot of talk these days about natural weight loss using supplements such as glucomannan that have recently become quite popular. But it is one thing to be popular, it is another thing for it to work. And even more importantly it is imperative to know and understand what it is that is being talked about. Being popular is no guarantee that it is either safe or effective.

So What Is Glucomamnan
Glucomannan has a number of names like konjac glucomannan, konjac fiber and even amorphophallus konjac depending on where you see it. But they are all referring to extracts from a plant or the plant itself known as amorphophalluss konjac which is a large single stemmed Asian plant that is native to warm sub-tropical and tropical areas parts of east Asia such as India, Japan and Indonesia. It is perennial plant (lives longer than 2 years) that grows a large corm from a tuber that is sometimes (incorrectly) referred to as a yam.

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It is prominent because when the corm is dried it contains about 40% glucomannan and can be processed into into a flour or jelly with essentially zero calories. And it is a common item in the Japanese diet where it is used as an ingredient to make Shirataki Noodles and Konnyaku – both traditional foods continue reading…

Skinny Fiber Review: Not Seeing Any Others?

Seriously, I think I am writing one of the first user reviews for this product. I have looked everywhere and I have only been able to find a few. I have been struggling with losing weight for a long time, which provoked my search for a good weight loss supplement. I think that I actually will give Skinny Fiber a try and then write my own Skinny Fiber review to let you all know how it went. Due to the fact that it is still a new product, there aren’t many others out there. I suppose I’ll be breaking new ground then. After much deliberation, I decided to foot the 60 bucks and get my hands on a bottle. After two months, I’ll be writing my own Skinny Fiber Review.


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Claims To Fame

All the other “Skinny Fiber Review” posts have said that if you take them 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner, then you will begin to lose weight. It goes after fat in three ways. The first is by decreasing your appetite. If you aren’t as hungry, then perhaps you will lose weight. Is that supposed to work?
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Skinny Fiber Reviews: Where Are They All?

Well, I have been on the hunt for the most effective diet supplements and I must say, I have seen some weird ideas. I think this one takes the cake. After going through one or two Skinny Fiber reviews, I began to get the idea that this diet pill might be onto something. The only problem is that I think the product is rather new. I have seen hardly any other reviews, and most of what I’m seeing are advertisements. The only question I want to answer is, “Will this help me lose weight?” I suppose I’ll have to try it for myself and then answer that question on my own.

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Skinny Fiber: Is It Really All That Effective?

I have been overweight for years, and I am getting so tired of the way I feel about myself. After my two kids, I just could not get back to that “college girl” figure, and I have been battling my bulges ever since. I have literally tried everything, from diets to juices to meditation, and none of it seems to work. I have been doing a good bit of online research lately, something I curiously have not done before, and I have been seeing a lot of reviews on Skinny Fiber. Apparently, it’s supposed to knock out the fat by addressing all three causes of weight retention and gain. I’ve never taken something that goes after all three, so I figured I would give it a try. Let’s see what happens.

What It Does

First, the Skinny Fiber compound has properties that control appetite. Basically, if you can curb your hunger, then you can halt weight gain, which is half the battle. Also, the Skinny Fiber pill burns the fat that is already on your body. Through different methods, it will find and knock out lipid cells that contain toxins. When these cells are dealt with, the overall body is healthier. The last thing that Skinny Fiber can do is prevent fat from forming. With all of these protections in place, a light diet regimen should work, right?

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What Am I Noticing?

Well, to be honest, I haven’t seen any weight loss at this point. Of course, I’ve only been going for about two weeks now, so I don’t think I was expecting to see any change. I heard that it takes about two months to see any kind of a serious difference. What I have noticed is that I am not eating nearly what I used to. I’m just not hungry the way I used to be. That alone should be able to help me with weight loss.

Buying Skinny Fiber

If you do want to buy Skinny Fiber, there are hundreds of places to find it. Sometimes, if you make an account with an online storefront, they might be able to lower your pricing if you buy in bulk. That’s what I did, and I was able to knock five bucks off the $59.95 price tag. That’s just one method you can use to save money. I have also seen it offered for cheap on eBay as well. Just make sure that you use a reputable source to make your purchase.

After Two Months

It’s been two months and I can’t believe it. I’ve lost 13 pounds! I’m not sure if it raised my metabolism or whatever; all I know is that it has taken me years to lose five or six, and then I go on Skinny Fiber, and now I lose 13. Whether or not Skinny Fiber was motivation and that’s all, I don’t care. I simply take Skinny Fiber for two months and I lose weight. Of course, a lot of people will be saying that Skinny Fiber is a scam, but I am living proof that this stuff works; I do believe that Skinny Fiber has truly changed my life, and I look foreword to losing even more weight in the future.

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