Skinny Fiber Reviews: Where Are They All?

Well, I have been on the hunt for the most effective diet supplements and I must say, I have seen some weird ideas. I think this one takes the cake. After going through one or two Skinny Fiber reviews, I began to get the idea that this diet pill might be onto something. The only problem is that I think the product is rather new. I have seen hardly any other reviews, and most of what I’m seeing are advertisements. The only question I want to answer is, “Will this help me lose weight?” I suppose I’ll have to try it for myself and then answer that question on my own.

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Skinny Fiber: Is It Really All That Effective?

I have been overweight for years, and I am getting so tired of the way I feel about myself. After my two kids, I just could not get back to that “college girl” figure, and I have been battling my bulges ever since. I have literally tried everything, from diets to juices to meditation, and none of it seems to work. I have been doing a good bit of online research lately, something I curiously have not done before, and I have been seeing a lot of reviews on Skinny Fiber. Apparently, it’s supposed to knock out the fat by addressing all three causes of weight retention and gain. I’ve never taken something that goes after all three, so I figured I would give it a try. Let’s see what happens.

What It Does

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The Probiotic With a Difference

Every so often someone comes along with a new approach to an existing idea. And it looks like BioTrust have done just that with their new probiotic Pro-X10. We have already talked about Probiotics and Prebiotics in other posts on the site so what makes this one so different?

The Difference – The Delivery Method

While not talked about very often the place where your probiotic does most good is in your gastro-intestinal tract – not in your stomach. To be more precise your probiotic needs to get towards the end of the journey through your gut.

But your probiotic is normally taken orally so it has to face a rather rigorous journey through the stomach and intestine before it can do its good work. And this is the rub – your stomach has a very strong acid – so plain unprotected probiotic material can become largely ineffective because the good micro bodies are often decimated during the trip. Leaving little or nothing to carry out their good works. continue reading…

What Are Prebiotics

Artichokes A Top PrebioticTrying to understand probiotics is a bit challenging but then you almost casually stumble upon the term prebiotics. Is there such a thing as a prebiotic?

First you think that maybe it is just made a typing error. However a Google search soon shows that prebiotics are very much a fact of life. And it looks like in many cases they are more valuable than probiotics.

Prebiotic Definition

There are any number of sites that help with a definition. Here are just two of the definitions found

A non digestible food ingredient that promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the intestines. Wikipedia

A prebiotic is defined as a non digestible food ingredient that is used as an energy source by beneficial bacteria found naturally in the body’s intestines. – continue reading…

What Are Probiotics

Probiotic Label It may come as a surprise that a probiotic post is included in a site covering fiber supplements. As other posts on this site explain fiber is often used to assist with weight loss as well as bowel and digestive health. A reduction in appetite, improved regularity and avoidance of constipation are some of the benefits that a good fiber intake can assist with.

So why is it here?

Well there are number of fiber products such as Garden of Life Super Seed that contain probiotics. And conversely there are a number of probiotic products that contain fiber. And while this post does not list them all it will make you aware of the potential benefits of having a combination of the two – fiber and probiotic. continue reading…