ioTrust Pro PX10

The Probiotic With a Difference

Every so often someone comes along with a new approach to an existing idea. And it looks like BioTrust have done just that with their new probiotic Pro-X10. We have already talked about Probiotics and Prebiotics in other posts on the site so what makes this one so different? The Difference – The Delivery Method […]

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What Are Prebiotics

Trying to understand probiotics is a bit challenging but then you almost casually stumble upon the term prebiotics. Is there such a thing as a prebiotic? First you think that maybe it is just made a typing error. However a Google search soon shows that prebiotics are very much a fact of life. And it […]

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What Are Probiotics

It may come as a surprise that a probiotic post is included in a site covering fiber supplements. As other posts on this site explain fiber is often used to assist with weight loss as well as bowel and digestive health. A reduction in appetite, improved regularity and avoidance of constipation are some of the […]

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Eating Healthy Organic

Eating Healthy

Toxins – They Are Everywhere Whether we like it or not our day to day world is full of undesirable pollutants or toxins which make eating healthy a challenge. And the more ‘advanced’ our way of life the more likely we are to run into toxins on a daily basis and the greater the need […]

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Your Liver - Detox Your Body

How To Detox Your Body

Why Detox Your Body There are many options you can use to detox your body, but more importantly let’s first discuss how and why you might want to detoxify your body and why it may be important for your health. On a daily basis your body is assailed by toxins. They are everywhere – in […]

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