Detox Diet

Detox Diet

Detox Diet – Is it Needed

Detox Diet Fiber FoodsA Detox Diet or more generally detoxification is often associated with fiber supplements or dietary fiber supplements. In fact many of the detox products contain a significant amount of dietary fiber in one form or the other. Often it is psyllium with one or two additional additives or beneficial substances that constitute detoxification products.

And while there are many people who swear by the process of detoxing it is, in fact, a controversial issue for most practitioners in the mainstream medical world. The consensus being that it is not necessary or even a desirable thing to undertake a detox diet or detoxification.

So in the interests of looking at both sides of the argument I thought that the first thing we could do is describe the current medical thinking about detoxification and the reasons why they feel that it is of no practical use.

Then we can move on and look at one or two of the more popular detoxification methods so that those who need to do it have the ability to choose one of the many products that are available.

Detoxification And The Medical Fraternity
Detox DietEssentially current medical thinking is that detoxification serves no useful purpose. While there are a whole range of detox diet products on the market that make claims about the usefulness and benefits of detoxifying. Most medical practitioners would find it difficult to agree with them.

This is not to say that they do not agree with the use of fiber supplements, far from it. But using fiber supplements or specific detoxification products to supposedly remove impurities from your system is not seen as a practice that has any medical merit.

What they are saying is that the bodies own natural functions will normally deal with the issues that detoxification seeks to address. And there are quite a number of references on the Internet which support this point of view. References such as this Web MD article is a good example of current medical fraternity thinking about detoxification.

Another example is this page from Wikipedia Detoxification which makes a number of strong negative observations about detoxification with supporting references to their source.

Essentially the argument is that there is no need for detoxification or a detox diet because of the way the body functions. In fact for some of these diets they expressed concern that they may do more harm than good.

Others Think Differently
Freedom on a Detox DietDespite all of this information and opinions from the medical fraternity there are still a large number of people who feel that a detox diet is beneficial to them. This is borne out by the large number of positive testimonials which can be seen associated with many of these products available on the market.

Although a word of caution is advisable here because you cannot assume that they are all legitimate. And you should also bear in mind that this article is not medical advice. Whenever you are changing your dietary habits or taking on a new supplement or ‘over the counter’ (OTC) tablet it is advisable to confirm the wisdom of the action with your medical practitioner or health specialist.

So while we should not dismiss current medical thinking out of hand it would seem that certainly, for some people, using a detox diet appears to have some positive and beneficial effects. And this is supported by the number of suppliers and the wide range of these products available on the market one of which is such as the Colonix All Natural Intestinal Cleanser from Dr Natura

Detox Diet Benefits

Juice for a Detox DietThe basic premise behind detoxification is the removal of the accumulated build up of toxins and other undesirable products within the body. These occur for a number of reasons which can be because of things we are exposed to in our environment, in the food we eat and some of the habits that we have like smoking and drinking alcohol.

Benefits claimed include

Elimination of Toxins from the body
Cleanse and Improve the Colon
Increase Energy Levels
Reduce the Load on Your Digestive Organs
Purify and Reform the Body

Many of the products are directed to specific organs or parts of the body such as the liver, kidneys and colon. The general approach is to initially reduce the intake of ‘harmful’ foods and products then take some specific product or use a special diet regime to flush toxins out out of the body.

There are many testimonials for specific detox products on sites such as Amazon where people who have used a particular product describe their experiences. Some good, some not so good which suggests that it is a very personal choice and experience.

Kirsten Brooks, a London based nutritional consultant has written a well balanced article on The Benefits of Detoxification in the Energy Grid Magazine. You will find it interesting and informative.

Other detox diet specific information is available at sites such the Global Healing Center which is a site devoted to Natural Health and Organic Living. And a number of their products such as their Oxy-Powder Colon Cleanser are available on Amazon

The Dr Natura product range is available through Amazon and has a number of psyllium based products for use as either a detox program or for maintenance afterwards.

Detox Diet – What’s The Conclusion?

Healthy Senior on Detox DietClearly there are some rather strong opinions on both sides of the detoxification argument.
The medical fraternity by and large cannot see any justification. But there are equally capable people such as Kirsten Brooks (see reference above) who puts a considered argument for the practice.

Then there is this whole range of detoxing products which seem to have a ready market. They are supported by a good number of testimonies from people who have by and large had a positive experience with the practice.

So what are you as an individual to do if you want to try the detox diet approach to cleansing you body of toxins?

Probably the best suggestion is to:

Look closely at your needs

Decide what approach you want to take
Select the likely product to use.
Check out the testimonies.
Ensure there are sufficient testimonies to provide a genuine opinion about the product
Make your purchase at the best price – ensure there is a refund option
Start on your detox diet or detoxification program and keep a close watch for any unexpected or undesirable symptoms.

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