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Why Detox Your Body

Fast To Detox Your BodyThere are many options you can use to detox your body, but more importantly let’s first discuss how and why you might want to detoxify your body and why it may be important for your health.

On a daily basis your body is assailed by toxins. They are everywhere – in your food, your water and even in the air we breathe. Over time, one way or another, toxins get into our bodies and accumulate there. This puts a load on your body as it tries to flush them out. With age more toxins build up in your body to a point it simply just cannot cope any longer. The end result – you tend to lack energy and become more susceptible to disease and illness.

It is difficult to change your environment so escaping these toxins is not practically possible. So the obvious alternative is to do something to help your body cleanse itself and you can do this if you detox your body.

Your Major Organs Detox Your Body

There are four major functions or body organs that you want to include when considering how to detox your body. These are your liver, your skin, your kidneys and your colon. And it better to think or address them together rather than individually. Although there are plenty of specifically directed options for each of these organs.

How Best To Detox Your Body

Having identified the areas to address we now need to think how best to perform the detoxification task. The options are numerous and various from taking complicated mixtures of herbs through to the very simple option of focusing on fasting. If you opt for the herbal product approach just make sure you select one that detoxifies all four of these areas. And be aware that some of these detoxification programs can last anywhere from one week to a month.

Fasting – A Time Tested Method

Empty Plate - Detox Your BodyOne very effective method of detoxifying that has stood the test of centuries is fasting. And the best way to start fasting is to utilize a one to three day vegetable juice regime – of course you can choose to fast for longer but fasts longer than three days should only be done under proper medical supervision. To get your body prepared for the fast your final meal on the day prior to starting your fast should consist only of fresh fruits and vegetables.

During your fasting days prepare your own fresh vegetable juices in a juicer and drink them as often as you wish. Juicing your own fresh vegetables will ensure that the enzymes needed by your body are present in the fresh juice. Avoid store-bought juices because these are nearly always pasteurized to extend their shelf life and pasteurization kills the much needed enzymes.

Make your juices out of any fresh vegetable you want. Lettuce, greens, tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers to name a few. And do not be afraid to experiment with variations to see what you really like best.

Fasting Tips
Be sure to drink the juice as soon as you make it rather than make a lot at one time then leave some to stand.

Be sure that you get a lot of rest and relaxation while fasting
Do not schedule any exercise for the days of your fast – be it one or up to three days.

That is some general information on how to detox your body. When starting a fast use vegetable juices.

We now need to look at each of the major organs mentioned earlier in a little more detail.

Detox Your Body With a Colon Cleanse

Colon Detox Your BodyOne of the methods considered important is to detox your body with a colon cleanse. A significant number of toxins can accumulate in your colon and this organ is considered critical for your health.

Some doctors consider that poor colon function may well contribute to the start of much of our disease. And the best way to address this matter is to use a colon cleansing product. Some of which are based on a dietary fiber such as psyllium. There are also some herbal or proprietary mixtures that can be taken orally to help move waste products out of the colon. Either way it is normally a simple and painless exercise. Your colon will then be evacuated of any impacted fecal matter that may have built up over time. And the end result will leave you feeling refreshed and maybe a few pounds lighter.

Your Skin – The Largest Body Organ

Skin Detox Your BodyThe largest organ in your body, no doubt much to the disappoint of some of the males of the species, is your skin. Your skin acts as a huge filter for toxins leaving your body via perspiration from your pores. So it is best to use only natural soaps and avoid harsh chemicals of detergent type body washes. You can further improve the situation by having a water filter on your shower head to remove impurities in the water. This will assist in keeping your skin in good condition. Finally, use a special skin brush regularly to help remove the dead layers and keep your pores in good working order.

Your Liver – The Second Largest Body Organ

Liver Detox Your BodyThe second largest organ in your body (disappointment again for the men) is you liver. The crucial role played by your liver to detox your body cannot be underestimated. In fact it really is the filter of your body and needs to be kept in sound working order.

Think, for a moment, what happens when you neglect any filtering device such as the filter on your swimming pool or the filter on an air conditioner. Over time they become clogged and will eventually block if they do not receive regular attention. Then you run into other problems like pool pump failure or the ac unit shuts down until it receives some attention.

Your liver is not too much different to that. Because its primary function is to detox your body by filtering and breaking down harmful substances and eliminating them as waste products. And there is a whole range of other things that your liver does that are vital to your well being. And you can investigate them your own time if you wish.

Maintaining liver health is an important part of detoxification and most alternative health practitioners believe it should be done on a regular basis. It is so important in fact that Dr Sandra Cabot has a whole website, Liver Doctor devoted to just that, your liver and its well being.

Dr Cabot has written a number of authoritative books, one of which, The Liver Cleansing Diet, has sold over 2 million copies. This book deals specifically with how to keep your liver both clean and healthy. She also has a range of natural health related products some of which are specifically for liver health such as Livertone Plus.

Kidneys – More Filtering To Detox Your Body

Kidneys Detox Your BodyYour kidneys are another crucial filtering organ in your body. They are a very clever filtering organ that produces all your urine by filtering out impurities and water from your blood. The best way to keep your kidneys in good shape is to drink a reasonable quantity of water every day. Make sure it is not an excessive amount because this can over tax them. A good rule of thumb is the often quoted 8 glasses of water per day. Which sounds a lot but in fact is about a glass per hour during a working day.

Make sure the water you drink is free from contaminants by having a really good water filtering system in your home. And another tip – while on a juice fast include distilled water because distilled water is devoid of any contaminants which might lessen the effectiveness of the fast. But DON’T drink distilled water all the time because it has absolutely no minerals in it. In fact it can leach important minerals from your body if drunk all the time.

Chelation Therapy – Take Care

Chelation IV To Detox Your BodyFinally there are a number of toxic metals in the environment such as mercury, arsenic and lead all of which we can be exposed to on a regular basis. One of the ways to detox your body that is becoming more popular is chelation therapy. This is known to get rid of lead poisoning and seriously high calcium levels. However some of the other claims for chelation are not substantiated. References such as this Wikipedia article on chelation and this one in the Medical Dictionary should be consulted to obtain more detailed information.

Chelation therapy should always be administered by a medical professional trained in the procedure because it requires the use of an IV (intraveous) drip. It has also been claimed that chelation therapy can help reduce plaque in the arteries but this appears to be another unsubstantiated or unproven claim so far as the medical fraternity is concerned.

Finally – Make A Considered Decision

So while there is a lot of information available on how to detox your body it is not a procedure that is generally advocated by the medical fraternity.

However there is a growing body of anecdotal evidence and testimonies, together with advocates like Dr Sandra Cabot, that suggests that if you want to slow the signs of aging and remain healthy and fit into ‘old age, you should detox your body about once a year.

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