How To Detox Your Body

Why Detox Your Body

Fast To Detox Your BodyThere are many options you can use to detox your body, but more importantly let’s first discuss how and why you might want to detoxify your body and why it may be important for your health.

On a daily basis your body is assailed by toxins. They are everywhere – in your food, your water and even in the air we breathe. Over time, one way or another, toxins get into our bodies and accumulate there. This puts a load on your body as it tries to flush them out. With age more toxins build up in your body to a point it simply just cannot cope any longer. The end result – you tend to lack energy and become more susceptible to disease and illness.

It is difficult to change your environment so escaping these toxins is not practically possible. So the obvious alternative is to do something to help your body cleanse itself and you can do this if you detox your body.

Your Major Organs Detox Your Body

There are four major functions or body organs that you want to include when considering how to detox your body. These are your liver, your skin, your kidneys and your colon. And it better to think or address them together rather than individually. Although there are plenty of specifically directed options for each of these organs.

How Best To Detox Your Body

Having identified the areas to address we now need to think how best to perform the detoxification task. continue reading…

Detox Diet

Detox Diet – Is it Needed

Detox Diet Fiber FoodsA Detox Diet or more generally detoxification is often associated with fiber supplements or dietary fiber supplements. In fact many of the detox products contain a significant amount of dietary fiber in one form or the other. Often it is psyllium with one or two additional additives or beneficial substances that constitute detoxification products.

And while there are many people who swear by the process of detoxing it is, in fact, a controversial issue for most practitioners in the mainstream medical world. The consensus being that it is not necessary or even a desirable thing to undertake a detox diet or detoxification.

So in the interests of looking at both sides of the argument I thought that the first thing we could do is describe the current medical thinking about detoxification and the reasons why they feel that it is of no practical use.

Then we can move on and look at one or two of the more popular detoxification methods so that those who need to do it have the ability to choose one of the many products that are available.

Detoxification And The Medical Fraternity
Detox DietEssentially current medical thinking is that detoxification serves no useful purpose. continue reading…

PGX Fiber

PGX Fiber – A Closer Look

As the number of people who suffer from weight gain rises, so does the number of weight loss supplements. There are countless medications available in the market today. One of them being PGX Fiber Supplement by InovoBiologic Inc. This supplement is advertised as a potent solution that addresses the main causes of weight gain.

PGX Fiber supplements vegetable fiberFiber supplements are considered as a subgroup of or a form of dietary fiber that contain non-digestible carbohydrates which can improve digestion and bowel movement. Fiber is also known to contribute to the reduction of cholesterol and may offer some protection from colorectal cancer. Apart from improving an individual’s weight PGX is also advertised as maybe contributing to the above mentioned benefits. Today we will look more closely at the product and find out about its manufacturer, how it works, its ingredients, and what users say about it.

InovoBiologic Inc.

Just like with any other product, it is important to first take a look at the manufacturer, InovoBiologic Inc. They are a corporation that specializes in manufacturing and providing ingredients used by pharmaceutical companies to make medicines and also cater to the functional food industry. continue reading…


Make Sure You Eat Enough Fiber

Fruit & Vegetables

Fruit & Vegetables

Make sure you eat enough fiber- We hear this comment a lot these days – but this is nothing new. Dieticians and others in the medical profession have known for many years that most of us do not eat enough dietary fiber. I can recall my father ate All Bran as a breakfast cereal for most of his life. That memory is over 60 years old.

But the message remains the same today and is, perhaps, even more important now that there are so many refined foods around.

The message is

‘We need to ensure that we consume sufficient fiber in our diet to maintain good gastrointestinal function’

That generally means eating more of those foods that remain in their natural or unprocessed state – like vegetables, whole grains and fruit. But this is not always possible for everyone. So if you want to ensure that you do consume enough fiber in your diet there are a number of proprietary products on the market that can help

Fiber – Soluble and Insoluble?
Along with the advice to eat more fiber we often hear the description of fiber being either soluble or insoluble. Which for many of us is quite confusing.
How can you have a fiber that is soluble? continue reading…

Fiber Supplements

Whenever people talk about diets fiber or fiber supplements often come up as a topic. However for many of us the idea of fiber in the diet is difficult to comprehend. And this is is understandable because often when dietary fiber is discussed it is not clearly explained.

So its worth taking a look at just what we mean when we refer to fiber in the diet or consider fiber supplements.

What Is Dietary Fiber
Dietary fiber is a term that is often used when referring to diets or food intake but it is a confusing term because it is not often explained. In fact fiber is commonly found in many foods but you need to eat the right kind of food to be able to get sufficient fiber in your diet.


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This is because the modern Western diet, in particular, is often based around refined foods. Whereas in times past much of what was eaten came from natural sources such as vegetables, grains and other natural unprocessed foods. continue reading…