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Skinny Fiber Review: Not Seeing Any Others?

Seriously, I think I am writing one of the first user reviews for this product. I have looked everywhere and I have only been able to find a few. I have been struggling with losing weight for a long time, which provoked my search for a good weight loss supplement. I think that I actually will give Skinny Fiber a try and then write my own Skinny Fiber review to let you all know how it went. Due to the fact that it is still a new product, there aren’t many others out there. I suppose I’ll be breaking new ground then. After much deliberation, I decided to foot the 60 bucks and get my hands on a bottle. After two months, I’ll be writing my own Skinny Fiber Review.


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Claims To Fame

All the other “Skinny Fiber Review” posts have said that if you take them 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner, then you will begin to lose weight. It goes after fat in three ways. The first is by decreasing your appetite. If you aren’t as hungry, then perhaps you will lose weight. Is that supposed to work?

Next, it actually seeks lipids, or toxin carrying body fats. These fats are very unhealthy, and it’s actually where diseases are harbored. Skinny Fiber apparently seeks it out like little heat seeking missiles. I’m not sure if I believe that, but once again, I haven’t tried it yet. Lastly, Skinny Fiber is supposed to increase metabolism, which halts fat production.
The Best Parts

Well, I must be honest: after one week, I have not noticed an ounce of change at this point. I am not really a fan of buying bad products, so I am hoping that I haven’t just bought something that has taken me for a ride. Then again, it has only been a week. I have been noticing that my appetite has been curbed, so I might still be able to drop a few pounds from this. Here is what some of the other few Skinny Fiber Review posts have said.

“I have been on this stuff for a little over a week. In fact it rocks. It works…if [you] want to drop weight and exercise also and clean [your] colon first. It works for me.“ – Max from

“I started taking this a few weeks ago and I have lost 5 pound plus my blood sugar has stabilized.” – Carla from


I decided to buy from one of the smaller online storefronts, and got a bit screwed in price. I paid over 70 bucks a bottle. If you find it from another online storefront such as Amazon for about $60 per bottle plus shipping, then you’re doing just fine. This is definitely the way I would go. Just make sure you do your homework.

After Just One Month

I can’t believe this stuff actually worked. I was extremely skeptical, and was preparing to make fun of them on this Skinny Fiber review. I must say that this product humbled and impressed me. With seven pounds sent to fat Hades, I have to admit that this turned out to be a successful Skinny Fiber review. Thanks a bunch for reading and I hope it goes well with you too.

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