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The Probiotic With a Difference

Every so often someone comes along with a new approach to an existing idea. And it looks like BioTrust have done just that with their new probiotic Pro-X10.

We have already talked about Probiotics and Prebiotics in other posts on the site so what makes this one so different?

The Difference – The Delivery Method

While not talked about very often the place where your probiotic does most good is in your gastro-intestinal tract – not in your stomach. To be more precise your probiotic needs to get towards the end of the journey through your gut.

But your probiotic is normally taken orally so it has to face a rather rigorous journey through the stomach and intestine before it can do its good work.

And this is the rub – your stomach has a very strong acid – so plain unprotected probiotic material can become largely ineffective because the good micro bodies are often decimated during the trip. Leaving little or nothing to carry out their good works.

In fact up to 93% of the probiotics contained in traditional probiotic supplements will be DEAD before they ever reach your gut.

One of the greatest challenges in creating a truly effective probiotic formula is being able to actually deliver delicate probiotic cells to the gastrointestinal tract, fully intact and alive.

Probiotics are living bacteria extremely sensitive to even slight changes in environmental conditions.

Research has shown that after one year on the shelf at room temperature a sealed bottle of conventionally manufactured probiotics only has an average survival rate of 32%.

Microencapsulation Technology ™

It might seem obvious that protecting the probiotics so they can arrive intact at their destination was a forgone conclusion. But generally that is not the case.

Until BioTrust developed and trade marked their Microencapsulation Technology little seems to have been done.

So what is Microencapsulation?

Well as the name implies it is encapsulating or protecting each and every probiotic cell at the micro level.

The process encases each live cell in a coating to protect them from oxygen, light, acids, bile, and the like. The end result is a greatly enhanced survival rate for the probiotic cells.

Protection for both life on the shelf and the journey through the stomach.

This greatly improves the delivery success rate compared to that for traditional probiotic supplements.

In fact microencapsulation gives one of the most cutting-edge delivery methods and absorption rates of any probiotic product currently on the market.

What More Can Be Done?

According to the manufacturer it turns out that quite a bit more can be done to make this particular probiotic a better product.

This has been achieved by adding Actazin (TM), one of the most powerful probiotic support nutrients currently available.

Actazin (TM)  is manufactured from the Kiwifruit, an iconic fruit grown in New Zealand. The benefits of adding Actazin (TM)  to an already improved probiotic are four fold:

  1. It  gently stimulates the movement of stool through your GI tract to help “keep you regular” with enzyme activity
  2. Further promotes regularity and softens stools without gas or bloating with its insoluble fiber content
  3. Support the natural growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut to further improve your gut flora ratio due to its prebiotic content.
  4. Beneficial bacteria,  infectious pathogens and maintaining long term digestive health are all maintained with its polyphenolic component.

Actazin (TM) supports the regeneration of gut-lining cells and enhances gut lining protection. Which means that even if the gut lining has been damaged by exposure to harmful compounds that we commonly encounter, Actazin (TM) shows strong promise for helping heal gut lining damage and returning the gut to normal function.

Finally to round out these added benefits three unique probiotic strands have been included in the capsules – Bifidobacterium lactis, Lactobacillus salivarius and S. boulardii.

Each has its own particular benefits for constipation, irritable bowel, oral health and immune support.

The manufacturer claims that none of these are contained in 99% of other probiotic products.

Maintaining a Good Bacteria Ratio

Some research is now suggesting that probiotic supplementation is even more important to your health than taking a daily multi-vitamin.

Inadequate probiotic levels have been linked to a number different diseases and health issues, including obesity and weight gain.

Your GI tract is much more than just a digestion center; in fact, it is “home” to 80% of your immune system. So it is really important to look after it.

And this is where maintaining an ideal ratio of  85% “good bacteria” (known as probiotics) to 15% of “bad bacteria” is so important. This is perhaps the single most important step you can take to protect your health and further a reduction in body fat.

A probiotic supplement may be more important for your health than a daily multi-vitamin capsule.

And maintaining a good ratio has never been easier with the advanced features of BioTrust’s Pro-X10, the Probiotic that delivers up to ten times more healthy bacteria to your gut.

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